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Energy Efficient Filtration

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge in providing next generation innovative air filtration products to a broad range of industries worldwide, we fully recognize the need companies have to implement a tailored energy efficient filtration system which will effectively reduce overall energy costs.

We offer all our customers a consultation with one of our in-house engineers in order to review their current filtration system and to offer advice on how to best to achieve an energy efficient filtration system. Energy savings have become paramount in building management due to recent global economics times.

When choosing an air filter, the two main points of information which are most commonly reviewed include (1) price and (2) the filter efficiency rating. But what people do not realise is that pressure drop across the filter is of the upmost importance too. Pressure drop occurs when a fan blows air through a filter and it is simply a measure of the filter’s resistance to the airflow in removing particles. So a higher efficiency filter will, as a rule, have a higher pressure drop than a lower efficiency filter.

Pressure drop across any filter costs money, and this is due to the fact that fans and blowers must work harder to push air through the system, which results in an higher usage of electricity and subsequent increased costs. As filters become clogged with dirt, pressure drop increase and energy requirements also increase. All of this can be difficult to quantify and with this in mind, Delta have designed an Excel-based energy calculator which allows the user to enter the data for two filter types and compare the energy usage, giving an actual cost of running each filter.

3 Tips for Saving Energy Costs:

Pay attention to the filter’s initial resistance/pressure drop. The lower the better, provided your filter is also achieving its rated efficiency levels.

Dirty filters cost money. It is important to ensure your maintenance team has a schedule for filter changes in place. Delta Filtration can offer advice on this.

It is crucial to ensure you are using the correct filters for your environment as incorrectly specified high efficiency filters can cost money.