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Fine Filtration Products

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TYCHO HEPA Filters (H10-H14)

The TYCHO HEPA filters are made up of a galvanised steel frame, 40m2 of microglass fibre minipleated media and a single piece of neoprene foam.. The manufacturing components of the TYCHO HEPA filter ensure it is suitable to withstand airflows of up to 5000m3/hr. The media packs are sealed into the entire frame using a hot melt adhesive. - Food/Beverage
- Industrial
- Pharma/Cleanroom
HEPA Filters
(MDF Framed)

The RIGEL range of HEPA filters from Delta Filtration, are made with an MDF frame, with up to 25 m2 of microglass fibre media and a continuous gasket. These general use multi HEPA filters are suitable for flow rates up to 2500m3/hr. - Food/Beverage
- Industrial
Fume Extraction Filters
The Fume Extraction filter from Delta Filtration , are made of synthetic and microglass media. These filters offer users a high rate of chemical adsorption. They are available with or without electrostatic charge. Delta's range of Fume Extraction filters are available in grades F5-H14. - HVAC
- Food/Beverage
- Industrial
- Pharma/Cleanroom
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