At Delta Filtration, we supply semi-finished and subassembly air filters to manufactures and high quality finished air filters to end-users from our manufacturing facility in Kilmallock, Co Limerick.

Drawing from our expertise in ultrasonic welding and heat-sealing, we have designed and developed machinery in-house with high-speed production capabilities. Our high-speed pleating machinery and two types of pocket manufacturing machines, ensures we can drastically reduce lead times from raw material to finished filters. We also have the facility to custom-make products to match customer specific requirements. We provide a private labelling service to our manufacturing customers who require their own individual company logo to be placed on the filters prior to shipment.

We place emphasis on research and development in order to continually improve upon our product range for our customers and to meet environmental requirements. Our broad product reflects our desire to respond to the needs of the industries we provide our air filters globally. We are fully committed to providing the best possible quality air filters to an ever-growing market. We strive to continually supply our customers with reliable, cost-effective and high quality air filters.

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