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Delta Filtration are a leading manufacturer of high quality, reliable and cost-effective next-generation air filters to a broad range of companies worldwide. For over 15 years, we have been supplying manufacturers with semi-finished and sub-assembly air filters and end users with quality finished filters. Our on-site engineers are available to review a company’s current filtration system and secondly to advise on the correct filtration type required for their particular industry.

Our key markets include:

Food/ Beverage


Within the HVAC industry there is an ever increasing requirement for companies to ensure they have adequate ventilation and contaminant removal in place to reduce the health risks on workers. We manufacture a range of air filters which are specifically designed to ensure a high level of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is achieved within the general HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) industry.

Our ranges of panel and bagfilter filters are tested to international standards EN779:202 and ASHRAE 52.2 before shipment. We offer our customers a choice of frames to choose from and these include galvanized steel to protect panels from water ingress in roof-mounted AHU’s or carton framed panels for internal AHU’s.

Download our HVAC Market Product Catalogue here.

Food and Beverage

Within the food and beverage industry, it is compulsory that all companies adhere to the laws governing the specified ventilation requirements. We provide a range of pre-filters, synthetic bagfilters and HEPA filters which form part of a package designed specifically to match the latest industry standards. All our filters are factory tested prior to shipment.

Download our Food & Beverage Market Product Catalogue here.


For 15 years we have provided bespoke solutions to filter companies and end-users for the Industrial Filtration industry. Our heavy duty EcoVee filters comprise of a choice of either steel or PVC frames, steel framed bagfilters with highly durable synthetic media made of polypropylene and polyolefin fibres.  In addition, we offer filters for welding and soldering fume extraction with efficiencies ranging from G4 to H14 and these are available individually or as part of a custom design.

Download our Industrial Market Product Catalogue here.


Stringent air filtration regulations apply in the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare industries. We provide consultancy and advice on filtration systems to blue chip companies worldwide. Our range of medium and high efficiency air filters are designed specifically to meet the requirements of the cleanroom sector. All our HEPA filters are manufactured using microglass fibre media and are available up to H14 and are tested to EN:1822. HEPA filters are factory tested and certified prior to shipping using a modern custom-designed test rig.

Download our Pharma/Cleanroom Market Product Catalogue here.

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