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Why Choose Delta Filtration

Leading Expertise

Delta Filtration are an innovative and highly experienced manufacturing company of custom and bespoke air filters for the HVAC, food/ beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical/clean room industries. We pride our work on providing market led next generation, reliable, high quality and cost-effective air filters to assist companies achieve energy efficient savings. Our production facility ensures we can deliver on our promise of swift turn-around times regardless of the order size.

Innovation Driven

Our in-house research and development department work endlessly to monitor the ever changing needs of the individual industry sectors. We strive to continually provide our customers with innovative next generation air filters which are cost-effective and meet environmental standards. Our team of in-house engineers are available on request to work in close partnership with customers to provide tailored energy efficient solutions.

Quality Focused

Our commitment to quality is evident through our dedicated in-house quality control experts who rigorously inspect, test and certified all products prior to shipment. We place quality control at the forefront of everything we do. We choose only the finest raw materials which offer superior performance, characteristics, lifespan, environmental friendliness and which are resilient in extreme environmental conditions. We are a registered ISO9000 company.

Customer Services

At Delta Filtration, we place emphasis on fully supporting all our customers from initial meeting through to providing after sales service and support. We have a dedicated customer services department open daily to answer any queries which may arise during the course of the day Monday-Friday. We believe in working closely with all our customers so as to ensure they are completely satisfied throughout each phase of the project.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A company approached Delta Filtration, following many unsuccessful discussions with a number of other filter manufacturers. They required up to 14 different filter types from pre-filters with carton frames to HEPA filters with MDF frames.

Download complete case study.

Case Study 2

Delta Filtration were approached by a company who had an industrial air intake close to the sea. Their current air filter supplier had installed pre-filters with carton frames in front of F7 (85%) bag filters which were not suitable due to the high levels of moisture in the air.

Download complete case study.